Life Style Mens And Womens

Life Style Mens And Womens

Hollywood is the place to look towards if you want to become or look like a star. All the major personalities that live and work there are worth analyzing and are the true trend setters for individuals all across the planet. One of the biggest personalities to keep your eyes on for the next few years is Kim Kim Kardashian. This beautiful Armenian is now USA’s sweetheart. She is loved and admired by girls and women of all ages that want to improve their appearance and their life style and she is very open to offer tips and tricks in order to help you achieve those goals.

life style mens and womens

You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Look Good

Although considered one of the most successful stars in Hollywood, Kim Kardashian says that you don’t have to invest tremendous amounts of money in yourself if you want to look stunning with each and every situation. She is proud to recommend some affordable brands that that are a must for every woman that care about the way she looks.

One of the first things you notice about Kim is her beautiful hair. In order to get the same amazing look you should follow her advice and wash it every two days. This tip is strongly recommended by all important stylists that say your frequent hair treatment should include gentle shampooing, conditioning masks and conditioner. Kim Kardashian recommends Moroccanoil and Carol’s Daughter Monoi Hair Mask. She says your hair will never be softer.

The next important tip to take into consideration is eyebrow shape. Kim says that having nicely shaped eyebrows can really improve your appearance and that going to world renowned Anastasia Soare was the best thing she did in quite some time. According to Kim a nice wax combined with a tweezing session should last you for as much as three weeks, no more and no less.
When it comes to eye shadow Kardashian says she has a few tricks up her sleeve. No one wants to have unevenly spread make-up so she recommends applying some powder under your eyes and then brushing it off to see the spots. For long lasting color she recommends putting on two layers of the same translucent powder that should go from the lash lines to the brows. This should be done prior to applying the eye shadow.

When it comes to shades Kim Kardashian is a strong supporter of Nars Blush in Orgasm. She says it is the best product that she has ever tried and that it is the perfect when combined with Yves Saint Laurent glosses and Revlon lipstick shades.
Make your eyes stand out with perfect lashes. Her favorite brands are Lancome Doll Lashes and M.A.C Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara. As a tip, you should consider learning how to attach the fake lashes on your own. It is not that hard and Kim as already explained her technique in several of her internet posts.
If you follow Kim Kardashian over the internet you will get more useful info and see that she is definitely worth your time. She provides simple and easy to use tips and tricks that will help you become a better looking person.

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