Precast Double Tee

Precast Double Tee

Review load tables details and specs of Spancrete precast double tees for use in specifications for an upcoming project. Precast double tee concrete is durable and long-lasting retaining its value and appearance over time.

San Jose International Airport Conrac Parking Double Tee Precast Design And Construction Of This San Jose International Airport San Jose Airport Project Site

The steel prestressing strands in the legs of the Double Tee are what allows for the long contentious spansThese strands are bunched together in the bottom of the leg causing the double Tee to arc upward when the floor or roof load is applied downward pressure the precast Double Tee is designed to resist these loads in a way superior to any other roofing or floor system.

Precast double tee. Double Tee Details can be downloaded here. Hamilton Form Company has more experience in providing double tee forms to precasters than any US. Double Tee Flooring Where we stand apart from other precast manufacturers is with our unique Banagher Double Tee floorroof beams our double tees can span up to 30 m and have been implemented in buildings multi-storey car parks and more frequently in reservoirs swimming pools and sports facilities where long spans are required without central supports.

Commonly used for large structures like parking garages gymnasiums and indoor pool areas it also is the perfect fit for smaller applications like pedestrian bridges. Sidebar Double Tee Advantages Precast prestressed concrete double tees offer many advantages making them suitable for construction of elevated parking decks as well as the substrate for waterproofing roofing systems and buildings. Taracon Precasts double tees are the ideal solution for construction projects that require strength beauty flexibility with superior load bearing capacities.

They can be installed either with or without a compression screed. Precast-Double Tee Cross Section Figure 196. Double Tees are common precast flooring elements for larger projects.

Precast Double Tees We are a market leader in the design engineering and production of precast double tees and total precast systems for the construction sector. All forms are designed for your specific needs in your market area. EcoSmart material Do your part for the environment by choosing an ecoSmart building material that is manufactured to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Precast prestressed concrete Double Tees offer many advantages making them suitable for construction of elevated parking decks as well as the substrate for waterproofing roofing systems and buildings. High-performance precast prestressed double tees have been the go-to structural floor framing in parking structures for many decades and there is no reason to think they will not continue to do so into the future. A double tee slab floor is deeper than a hollow core floor since the entire strength of the unit is conferred through two reinforcing ribs.

Full answer is here. Precast-Double Tee Cross Section 2 Figure 197. I contacted PCI and they informed me that they do not have any load tables for older 16 double tees.

I recently performed a site visit on a project and found 16 deep 4-0 wide double tees for a roof structure. Parking Garages frequently utilize this cost-effective solution to support vehicle loads on fewer columns to increase available parking stalls. Precast prestressed concrete double tees offer many advantages making them suitable for construction of elevated parking decks as well as the substrate for waterproofing roofing systems and buildings.

Precast-Double Tee Figure 194. The combination of robust reinforcing steel and the depth of the legsstems allows the Double Tee to support loads over long spans. This is an important benefit for structures such as bridges which span over wide areas or buildings created with open-concept designs.

The Precast Double Tee is right at home anywhere large open spaces are required. The Double Tee is one of the hardest working forms in a precast plant. Additional benefits of using Nitterhouse precast double T beams include.

DOUBLE TEE FLANGE FIRE RESISTANCE. Just so what is double tee slab. Double Tees are also used for other long span flooring and roof applications such as athletic facilities and buildings of worship.

Are precast double tees prestressed. Precast-Double Tee Figure 195. Precast double tees can be designed for spans reaching up to 100 feet.

Sidebar Double Tee Advantages. A double tee slab is a flooring element that supplements hollow core planks. What are the advantages of precast concrete.

With its heavy load resistance and incredible span length our Double Tees are in high demand. 16 Deep 4-0 Wide Precast Double Tees pcronin Structural OP 10 Jul 03 1154. To continually meet the needs of our clientele we produce a of a wide variety of precast double tee products ranging from long span pre-stressed precast double tees to pre-stressed single tees.

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