Don’t Miss This Place When Visiting Komodo Dragon Island Tours

Don’t Miss This Place When Visiting Komodo Dragon Island Tours

Komodo Dragon Island tours is one of the most interesting tours for tourists who are on vacation to the Nusa Tenggara Islands. For information, here is a place of the native habitat of Komodo animals. For this reason, Komodo can only be found here.
When you go to Komodo Dragon Island tours, the tour that you will get in the form of a tracking trip follows the tracking path that has been determined by the committee. Here, of course, there are several track choices that you can choose later. Ranging from short, medium, long, to adventure. That’s why you must have conditions that must be very fit.


After visiting the Komodo Dragon Island tours, it’s good if you still have time, try to spend it by visiting some places that are no less interesting than this Komodo Island tour, such as:

• Rinca Island
• Pink Beach
• Padar Island

You will get a view and experience that is not less interesting also from the Komodo Dragon Island tours

Transportation to Komodo Dragon Island tours

You do not need to worry about transportation problems when going to Komodo Dragon Island tours because now the available transportation is very complete, both from air, sea, and land. If you guys think even bringing your private vehicle is no problem.

For public transportation by air, you will be flown by a small plane from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo. After you arrive in Labuan Bajo, to be able to go to Komodo Dragon Island tours, you have to continue your journey by ferry.
For public transportation by sea, you can start from Tanjung Benoa. Board on a boat bound for Labuan Bajo. After that, you will have to take a ferry to get to Komodo Dragon Island tours.

For public transportation by land, you can take a bus to Labuan Bajo while in Bali. Later the bus will cross using the ferry. Next, to get to Komodo Island, you will cross again by ferry from Labuan Bajo to komodo island tours.
In addition to public land transportation, you can also follow the path if you intend to bring private vehicles when you want to Komodo Dragon Island tours.

Accommodation when visiting Komodo Dragon Island tours

Komodo Dragon Island tours may not offer as many choices of accommodation as in other tourist attractions, but still, it will be something more memorable than accommodations in other places.
Accommodation on Komodo Dragon Island tours is usually more offered in two packages, namely accommodation in the homes of residents or the homes of Komodo Island tour guides on Komodo Island itself and chartered vessels around Komodo Island.

Although it is not as luxurious as other accommodations, wouldn’t such accommodation make an interesting experience when you go to Komodo Dragon Island tours instead.