Are You Looking for International Shipping Forwarder? Read This!

Are You Looking for International Shipping Forwarder? Read This!

Looking for international shipping forwarder is not an easy way to do. It’s due to there are so many choices of forwarder companies offering the shipment service internationally and locally.  Commonly those working in forwarding company use online logistics service to help them doing such things. Are you shipper or freight forwarder looking for assistance to distribute goods or supplies?

When you are trying to look for some references on internet to find one of best forwarder as what you need, you get confuse due to there are so many selections are available. To find the best one, you need to analyze, compare and determine which one of best selection right is for you. Best way to do is by looking for it based on recommendation, and then Tera Logistics is a best choice.


Tera Logistics For Your Forwarding


Tera Logistics is an online logistics marketplace serving to link the shipper and logstics company based on their needs and speciality. There are some kinds of logistics company provided by Tera Logistics such as freight forwarders, truck company, and warehouse provider. Moreover, it also helps the shipper to choose the right company to do the shipment. Why is so? Because Tera Logistic gives a platform to shippers so that they can easily compare lots quotations based on price, reviews, and estimated time of shipment from registered forwarding company.


Tera Logistics has cooperation with many logistics companies including

  • More than 500 registered freight forwarder
  • More than 50 registered warehouse provider
  • More than 25 registered trucking company

For who are looking for best international shipping forwarder, here the place you can use for finding one of the best. Read this to know in detail


What should Shipper Know about International Shipping Forwarder?


Shipper or the one who owns the cargo wanting to look for information based on this website or Tera Logistics should know several provisions as follows,

  1. Register by giving detail and correct information of the company’s name, email, phone number, address, and others.
  2. Before requesting’s quotations, shipper need to provide information such as date of shipment, cargo specification, origin and destination of delivery.
  3. Shippers comply with the terms and condition of chosen logistics provider.
  4. Being ready for the risk that may happen for not insuring the shipping cargo.
  5. Able to review the logistic providers as consideration when choosing them next time.


The other things that the shipper should know is Tera Logistics is not responsible for any losses caused by the registered logistics provider. Hence, shipper must choose the best and most reliable provider. For further information, please visit to find best international shipping forwarder.